11 February 2021

Frontiers in Pharmacology special edition edited by Takiwasi research staff

The first research articles related to the call “Beyond the Pharmacology of Psychoactive Plant Medicines and Drugs: Pros and Cons of the Role of Rituals and Set and Setting” have been published. Among the Topic Editor of this new article collection under the section Ethnopharmacology of the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology we find Matteo Politi and Fernando Mendive from Takiwasi’s research department.

05 February 2021

Initiation Plants in Drug Addiction Treatment: The Purgahuasca Therapy

A new research article by anthropologist Miroslav Horák focuses on the utilization of a preparation from the vine Ayahuasca alone, known as Purgahuasca, as part of our drug addiction treatment program.

29 January 2021

Within-treatment changes in a novel addiction treatment program using traditional Amazonian medicine

A new research article shows that Takiwasi’s addiction treatment model provides statistically significant and clinically positive changes in patients. These changes appeared early in the treatment and were maintained over time. Significant improvements were also found for neuropsychological functioning.

20 January 2021

UNCTAD updates principles to promote biodiversity-friendly trade

The laboratory for natural products of Takiwasi and an indigenous producers’ organization Ampik Sacha implemented a business model based on traditional knowledge associated with medicinal plants in the region of San Martín, benefiting both people and nature. This scheme, which is in line with principles on fair and equitable benefit-sharing, improves the indigenous population’s living conditions, preserves old traditions and promotes the sustainable use of forest resources.

01 December 2020

Interview with the master healer Ignacio Pérez

The master healer Ignacio Pérez Ortiz was a central pillar of Takiwasi for 15 years until his death in 2009. Ignacio learned the art of healing from his uncle at the age of 22 and later specialized as a master perfumero. In his practice, he invoked the help of the rivers of the Amazon region, as well as the spirits of mermaids, white boas and other invisible beings that inhabit the waters. Ignacio was a specialist in treating mental problems and dealing with agitated, confused, and lost people, using instruments such as perfumes, camphor and tobacco.