02 June 2020

Adopt an Ayahuasca

Support this project for the protection and preservation of Ayahuasca and Amazonian teacher plants.

01 June 2020

Twenty years of Takiwasi. Reflections on the spiritual dimension as the interface between drug addiction and traditional Amazonian medicine

Conference presented by Dr. Jacques Mabit at Maps Psychedelic Science Conference, April 2013.

28 May 2020

Therapeutic potential of spirituality and mystical experiences in the treatment of substance use disorders

This article aims to give an overview on the role of spirituality, faith and mystical experiences in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) by presenting the case of the therapeutic community Takiwasi, where psychoactive plants are used, and by considering other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies that are derived from or have connection with religious or spiritual practices. Published in Revista Cultura y Droga, 25 (29), pp. 41-62, June 2020.

28 May 2020

Ayahuasca and beyond: herbal traditional Amazonian medicine for human therapy and planetary health

Matteo Politi participated at the third World Ayahuasca Conference with an oral presentation analyzing the dangers of trying to transform Ayahuasca into an evidence-based medicine that has to fit into laboratory standards.

04 May 2020

Professional pictures for sale to support Takiwasi

Miguel Palomino puts up for sale beautiful professional photographs taken during his last visit in Takiwasi and in the Cordillera Escalera regional conservation area, on the outskirts of Tarapoto. The pictures are part of the artistic project "Danza Verde". The income generated from the sale of these photos is entirely destined to support Takiwasi in his therapeutic activities of treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from addiction.