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Since 1992 the Takiwasi Center is dedicated to the rehabilitation of people suffering with addiction. Our work has had different national and international recognitions. Likewise, the originality and effectiveness of our model has interested researchers in anthropology, ethnology, medicine, psychology and psychiatry and has been the object of study in more than 70 thesis and papers.

Our model articulates traditional Amazonian medicine with contemporary psychotherapy techniques. Takiwasi proposes a work of personal evolution through the use of medicinal plants in a ritualized and controlled context with a professionalized therapeutic team, trained in the containment and accompaniment of these processes.

This set of online courses is open to anyone interested in alternative and natural medicine and especially to health professionals, cross-cultural experts, educators, therapists and others linked to the work of rehabilitation, study of addictions and modified states consciousness, as well as the use of psychoactive substances. All the courses are in Spanish.

Online course taught by the therapeutic team of the Takiwasi Center that wants to offer tools for those professionals who seek to build a bridge between the therapeutic use of teacher and master plants (including ayahuasca), in the context of vegetalismo and traditional Amazonian medicine, and the Western biomedicine and psychotherapy approaches, taking into account the integration process that is a fundamental aspect for the success of the therapy. Specifically, this innovative articulation is addressed in the context of a therapeutic community dedicated to the treatment of addictions.

The experience of the Takiwasi Center shows us that there are no fundamental contradictions between the Christian faith and Amazonian shamanism but rather numerous and surprising coherence and convergence. This course tries to highlight the relevance of bringing these two paths of knowledge closer together and articulating them appropriately in favor of opening new paths for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

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