Retreat/Diet in Takiwasi

The Retreat/Diet (commonly referred to as "dieta" in traditional medicine), is the deepest therapeutic practice of traditional Amazonian medicine, stronger and more effective than ayahuasca itself, and necessary when taking ayahuasca to reinforce its effect. It consists of a 8-day retreat in isolation, in a very simple hut ("tambo") in the jungle, inside the Botanical Reserve of Takiwasi (one hour walk from the Center), with the ritualized ingestion of the so-called "master plants", accompanied by a special diet and strict physical and psychological norms. The retreat in the jungle is preceded by the intake of a purging/detoxifying plant and one ayahuasca ceremony. See full program.

Retreats/Diets are organized on a monthly basis (See all the dates) for groups of around 15 participants. People who want to participate have to go through an evaluation process that allows us to know about your medical and psychological conditions. This is a therapy recommended for anyone, women and men, who seek to heal emotional/psychological/spiritual wounds and who look for an introspection space to get in touch with themselves. The Retreat/Diet is suitable for anyone who is at a crucial moment in their life, who needs to make decisions, to overcome some type of emotional, spiritual or energetic blockage or who simply wants to embark on a path of personal development.

The issues addressed in the Retreat/Diet may include events of vital importance for each person, that are very intimate and strongly connected with blockages and traumas. In this holistic therapeutic practice, a special contact with nature and the inner self is created and thus dedicated to a physical and energetic depuration that eliminates toxic food and other substances that block sensibility. This process allows to expand perception, re-connect with repressed emotions, cleanse and strengthen the body, and connect with the holy dimension of life. It favors dream production, remembrance of past situations and experiences that weren’t well-processed and deep introspection. More on the Traditional Plant Dieta.

Under the supervision of our team of doctors, healers and psychologists, the participants must follow certain physical and psychological norms, and a special food diet. Meals are light, without salt, they mainly consist in a portion of rice and oats with boiled green bananas and without any seasoning. Each participant is individually accompanied through the whole process by a psychologist or psychotherapist with interviews upon arrival, during the retreat and at the end of the process.

The testimonials we collect, confirm that after the Retreat/Diet, people experience important changes in their lives that become manifest in the medium and long term, while in the short term there is acceptance of some important situations, for example, dealing with grief or decision-making. On a spiritual level there is a very deep connection with nature, which is often accompanied by a reconnection with the sacred dimension of life. Thanks to the use of medicinal plants according to the Amazonian ancestral tradition, a profound and effective therapeutic work is performed, something that could hardly be achieved through conventional dialogue therapy.

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Retreat/Diet in Takiwasi

A therapeutic work suitable for anyone who wants to solve their psychological or emotional problems, but also initiate or continue a process of personal development.

The Dieta is the deepest therapeutic practice of traditional Amazonian medicine

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