13 September 2021

Visiones Sonoras Festival

Owain Graham, PhD graduate student, Ethnomusicology, University of California Riverside, has been invited to present some of his research on the icaros at the Visiones Sonoras Festival to be held in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, September 22-24, 2021.

06 September 2021

Online course introduction to the therapeutic model of Takiwasi

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to enroll in the online course “Introduction to the therapeutic model of Takiwasi” dictated in Spanish by the therapeutic team of the Takiwasi Center.

25 August 2021

Testimony of a patient of the Takiwasi Center

Luis is a 23-year-old from the town of Chazuta in the Amazon region of San Martin, Peru. He came to Takiwasi to get out of his addiction to drugs, mainly PBC and cocaine, and successfully completed a 9-month treatment which combines the use of medicinal plants and psychotherapy. This is his testimony.

12 August 2021

Cat's Claw - Promoting Sustainable Development in the Peruvian Amazon

The chain of sustainable use of the Cat's Claw contributes to conserving the forest where this medicinal plant grows and enhancing the immense heritage represented by the knowledge of traditional Amazonian medicine that is put at the service of the entire Peruvian population.

10 August 2021

The singing house: an example of deep integration between Western scientific medicine and animist ontologies

Alberto Dubbini, independent researcher specializing in the anthropology of religions, will participate in the Third National Conference of the Italian Society of Cultural Anthropology - SIAC with a presentation focused on the Takiwasi Center.