28 June 2022

A testimony on the action of psychotropic plants and their link with the spiritual world

It’s common to find in articles, books or on the internet many descriptions of ayahuasca sessions, mainly presented by Westerners. Paradoxically these testimonies are almost never accompanied by a reflection on their content from the western categories of thought and culture. These stories remain exotic, even fantastic, dominated by subjectivity, self-referentiality and the attempt to link them to "shamanism", whether in its traditional version or in its neo-shamanic version influenced by the New Age movement. The essential work of integrating the symbolism of visionary and experiential material is thus very often discarded or distorted, which sometimes is not without very damaging consequences.

30 May 2022

Traditional Amazonian medicine in addiction treatment: Qualitative results

A new research article by David M. O'Shaughnessy on the efficacy of the Takiwasi Center addiction treatment model.

19 May 2022

Psychotherapeutic frontiers 2022

The Italian association Psy.Co.Re. dedicated to research and therapy related to modified states of consciousness, is organizing the second edition of the "Psychotherapeutic Frontiers" congress that will take place in Turin, Italy, on June 10-11, 2022.

31 March 2022

Video tribute to Dr. Rosa Giove

Video tribute to the memory of Dr. Rosa Giove, co-founder of the Takiwasi Center. Her activity was developed as a clinical doctor, psychotherapist, healer, researcher, professor, consultant.

29 March 2022

Messages and memories

We have collected some of the numerous comments and messages of condolences received that describe Rosa, her personality and her way of being, seen by the people who met her on the path of life. We believe that there is no better testimony of the impact that Rosa had on the lives of so many people, and of her legacy both on a human level and as a health professional dedicated to helping others.