18 February 2020

Ábrete Corazón

Interview with Dr. Rosa Giove about the ikaros or healing songs. The "ikaro" is the song or melody used by healers during medicinal rituals, especially during ayahuasca ceremonies.

22 January 2020

Evaluating herbal medicine preparation from a traditional perspective

A new article produced by Takiwasi's research department has just been published in the journal Anthropology & Medicine. AUthors: Giorgia Tresca, Olivia Marcus, Matteo Politi

02 January 2020

Anima Mundi

The new book by Frédérique Apffel-Marglin and Stefano Varese, entitled "Contemporary Voices from Anima Mundi: A Reappraisal" containing an article by Dr. Jacques Mabit based on his reflections on Amazon shamanism and Jungian archetypes is about to be published.

26 December 2019

2020 Calendar of Retreats/Diets

We are happy to announce the dates of our Retreats/Diets for the year 2020. Follow the link for more information and write us to apply and register:

26 December 2019

Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model

We are pleased to share the invitation to the "Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model", which will be held at the Takiwasi Center from November 9 to 18, 2020. It must be taken into account that the seminar will be in Spanish.