20 August 2020

Who Turns to Amazonian Medicine for Treatment of Substance Use Disorder?

Complementary medicines are an emergent field in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) and include Amazonian medicines, such as ayahuasca. The aim of this multimodal cross-sectional study was to investigate characteristics of people who seek treatment for SUDs at the Takiwasi Center that applies Amazonian medicines along with conventional psychotherapy. New research article published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, August 2020.

08 August 2020

Efficacy of traditional Amazonian medicine on depression and anxiety

A new research article evaluating the efficacy of Takiwasi's treatment protocol on depression and anxiety has been recently published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

01 August 2020

Dates Retreats/Diets 2020

Dear friends, we want to inform you that the dates scheduled for the retreats/diets for the coming months have been confirmed, respecting the calendar published in our web page. We hope that the soon re-start of national and international flights will allow us to resume normal therapeutic care. People interested in booking their space can go through the regular registration process, with eventually the possibility of postponing the participation in the retreat/diet to a subsequent date in case it is not possible to travel immediately due to a lengthening of the period of border closure.

22 July 2020

Canta la Ayahuasca - Healing Ikaros

Ikaros recorded live during an Ayahuasca ceremony held at the Takiwasi Center in 2020. It includes alternative versions of Takiwasi’s ikaros, sometimes sung in groups by two or more healers, while other are presented in extended versions, which follow the rhythm and intensity of the ceremony. It includes as well an unreleased ikaro traditionally used during ritual plant baths.

20 July 2020

Adopt an Ayahuasca

A big thank you to all the people who decided to join our project for the protection and conservation of Ayahuasca vine and other Amazonian teacher plants. Our goal now is for 50 new Ayahuasca seedlings to be sponsored and planted and thanks to your support we are halfway there! Join our conservation actions by adopting an Ayahuasca vine or another teacher plant.