20 May 2021

New research article on Takiwasi

An article has just been published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Pharmacology that describes the study protocol developed for the innovative research project Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project (ATOP), with a special focus on the evaluation of addiction treatment services provided by the Takiwasi Center, ATOP's first study site.

18 May 2021

Online Course: Consistencies Between Christian Initiation and Amazonian initiation

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to enroll in the online course “Coherencias entre la iniciación cristiana y la iniciación amazónica” taught in Spanish by Dr. Jacques Mabit, executive president and founder of the Takiwasi Center.

10 May 2021

Diálogos: Mente de las Plantas

After the success of the first symposium, the editors of the book "The Mind of Plants" are proposing a new event, entitled "Diálogos: Mente de las Plantas" with presentations in Spanish and Portuguese, which will be held online with free access on 9 of July.

05 May 2021

Back to animism

Antoine Fratini, Vice-President of the Association of European Psychoanalysts and President of the Association Natura & Psiche wrote a reading note for the book “Medici che incontrano gli spiriti”, published in Italian by Alberto Dubbini, sociologist of religions, and which deals with the approach of the Amazonian spirits world by three doctors, including Rosa Giove and Jacques Mabit of Takiwasi.

28 April 2021

Amazonian medicine and the psychedelic revival: Considering the "dieta"

In Peruvian Amazonian medicine, plant diets (dietas) are a fundamental and highly flexible technique with a variety of uses: from treating and preventing illness, to increasing strength and resilience, to rites of passage, and even learning medicine itself. This research article aims at expanding the conceptual field of Amazonian medicine, particularly in the context of a renewed psychedelic science and its theoretical concepts.