Master plants dieta referred to as well as shamanic dieta or teacher plants dieta is a traditional, strict and rigorous system that transmits guidance and sacred knowledge, as well as healing to the patient or participant.

The process of plant dietas at Takiwasi includes the accompaniment of our psychologist that provide tools for processing and integration, and thus maximize the benefits of this healing process.

What is a Master Plant Dieta and how does it work?

Master Plants Dieta

A master plant dieta, sometimes referred to as a shamanic dieta is a complex, strict and rigorous system through which a teacher plant transmit healing, protection, guidance and sacred knowledge to the participant.

Maestros curanderos (master healers) have traditionally used fasting, a diet of master plants and seclusion from others to seek guidance from the plant spirits and obtain the vital knowledge needed to heal themselves and others. A diet of teacher plants is also central to the shamanic medicine apprenticeship, with dietas that can last for months and sometimes years.

Rules that accompany the intake of teacher plants

Before the beginning of the teacher plants dieta, participants must undergo a process of mental, physical and spiritual purification through the intake of a purgative plants as well as Ayahuasca. Mater plant dietas are accompanied by abstinence from sex, pork, red meat, sugar, deodorants, alcohol, caffeine, shampoo, toothpaste, oils and processed food. Abstaining from any substance or activity that might provoke an energetic interference is essential to allow the plants to work and promote physical healing and spiritual transformation.

The types of plants and the order in which they are consumed will be determined by Takiwasi’s therapeutic staff and especially tailored to each individual. All medicinal plant concoctions given to the diet-retreat participants are prepared following traditional processing methods. During the dieta, the healer visits the participants two or three times a day to administer the plants medicines.

The post-dieta period is also crucial. Most of these restrictions related to the dieta must also be observed in the following period which lasts one month. This is considered an important part of the whole process of the plants diet given that it guarantees the safety and long-lasting efficacy of the treatment.

Ayahuasca retreats

Ayahuasca Retreat

Traditional plant dietas, ayahuasca retreats and other natural healing practices attract more and more people to Peru each year, following the wave of what has become known as “wellness tourism”. These retreats especially include an ayahuasca ceremony, where this sacred brew is ingested by participants. The Ayahuasca brew is the product of a long term cooking process of two different plants, the Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi) and the leaves of the shrub Chacruna (Psychotria viridis).

In the case of Takiwasi, all Ayahuasca ceremonies are supported by a highly experienced team of healers and the content emerged is later integrated thanks a team of Western psychologist facilitators trained for this purpose, who act as a critical cultural bridge to establish a connection between the symbolic content provided by the modified states of consciousness and daily life.

The intake of medicinal plants according to the Amazonian tradition can provide healing to physical illnesses, emotional trauma, mental conditions, and spiritual afflictions. A main aspect is the deep connection to nature, to spirit, to God, to themselves which is generated by the relationship with the plant spirit and the time dedicated to introspection. Traditional plant dietas are therefore a truly holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit.


The Retreat/Diet commonly referred to as "dieta" in traditional Amazonian medicine is a deep therapeutic practice, stronger and more effective than Ayahuasca itself. It consists of a 8-day retreat in isolation, in a simple hut in the jungle, with the ritualized ingestion of the so-called "master plants", accompanied by a special diet and strict physical and psychological norms.

The dieta is a strong therapy that involves the inner self and gives a good result when people committ to follow some simple rules. Failure to respect these rules can result in energy crossings ("cruzadera") with serious physical, mental and spiritual consequences. The dieta starts with an ayahuasca ceremony and is followed by a post-diet process that is as important as the dieta itself.

Retreats/Diets at Takiwasi are organized on a monthly basis for groups of around 15 participants. The whole process includes four interviews with a psychologist who will be in charge of the psychotherapeutic accompaniment/counseling of each participant.

People who want to participate have to go through an evaluation process that allows us to know about your medical and psychological conditions. This is a therapy recommended for anyone, women and men, who seek to heal emotional/psychological/spiritual wounds and who look for an introspection space to get in touch with themselves.