01 February 2019

Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model

We are pleased to share with you the full program of the "Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model", which will be held at the Takiwasi Center from May 7 to 15, 2019. It must be taken into account that the seminar will be in Spanish.

24 January 2019

Issues of Epistemic Authority. Critic of the thesis of David Dupuis

Anthropologists and professors Frédérique Apffel-Marglin and Stefano Varese (founder of Amazonian anthropology) provide a critical response to David Dupuis' doctoral dissertation on Takiwasi. Published in French in Les Cahiers ALHIM on January 23, 2019.

16 January 2019

Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment in the "Singing House"

Presentation by David O’Shaughnessy based on his doctoral research at the Takiwasi Centre in Peru from 2014-2015. Content was recorded at the 2017 EGA Psychedelic Symposium in Melbourne, Australia.

06 December 2018

New international research project

Takiwasi Center is participating in the international research project “Intercultural transdisciplinarity in Guatemala and Peru: a North-South-South learning platform for culturally pertinent public health provision systems for indigenous populations”.

04 December 2018

Women’s association from Cajamarca visiting Takiwasi

These days we are receiving the visit at the Takiwasi Center and Takiwasi Laboratory of the members of the Association of Women Defenders of Life and Pachamama, from Cajamarca, accompanied by the NGO Grufides.