04 May 2018

New lecture by Dr. Jacques Mabit

Dr. Jacques Mabit will give a lecture in French on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 8 pm at the Cultural and Interspiritual Meeting Space of Forum 104, Paris, France. The presentation, entitled "Challenges of discernment between the psychic shadow and the spiritual shadow" will be given as part of the cycle of conferences IDÉE PSY 2018 "From shamanism to psychotherapy: to the roots of care".

30 April 2018

Grants for Addiction Treatment

The Center for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and Research on Traditional Medicines - Takiwasi offers different types of grants for people who suffer from addictions, but lack the necessary financial resources to pay for their own treatment, and despite that show a strong desire to get cured

15 April 2018

Ayahuasca: a medicine with an incredible potential

Interview in Spanish with Jacques Mabit, Western doctor and Amazonian shaman, conducted by Hernán Dinamarca, PhD in communications and essayist, and published in April 2018 in Sitiocero and Le Monde Diplomatique (Chilean edition).

17 March 2018

Ikaros Takiwasi

Discover all the ikaros produced by the Takiwasi Center and enjoy listening to a sample of each audio. In the jungle of Peru we call ikaro the song or melody used by healers during ritual work.

17 March 2018

The way of the plants - an itinerary around traditional knowledge in Latin America

Structured around five episodes recorded in Latin America, this documentary series gives an account on the complexity of the debates around symbolic plants. Each story is embodied by a person or a group. Based on an intimate narrative, "The way of the plants" provides a subjective immersion closer to the point of view of the locals.