28 February 2019

The role of perfume in therapy

Antoine Renard is a French visual artist based in Berlin that over the last years has been focusing on intoxication and abnormal behaviors among teenagers and young adults. He is currently in Takiwasi collecting material for a research project on the use of perfume, scent and the role of olfaction in Amazonian traditional medicine, which includes “perfumeros”, healers who specialize in aromatherapy.

21 February 2019

Danza Verde

Photo report made by Miguel Palomino during his last visit to the Takiwasi Center, Tarapoto city, Peruvian High-Amazon.

20 February 2019

New research agreement

Takiwasi has signed a new collaboration agreement with the Integral Transpersonal Institute - School of training in transpersonal psychotherapy of Milan, Italy. Thanks to this agreement very soon a new research project will start in Takiwasi and psychologist Alessia Savino will be in charge of it.

07 February 2019

Retreat/Diet Testimonial

"In addition to a physical preparation there is a psychological preparation, to be open-hearted to accept what the plants have to show”. A new video testimonial from a participant in our retreats/diets.

01 February 2019

Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model

We are pleased to share with you the full program of the "Introduction Seminar to Takiwasi Therapeutic Model", which will be held at the Takiwasi Center from May 7 to 15, 2019. It must be taken into account that the seminar will be in Spanish.