Fabienne Bâcle will participate in the Beyond Psychedelics Congress

Fabienne Bâcle, member of the therapeutic team of the Takiwasi Center, will participate in the Beyond Psychedelics congress with the lecture entitled: "The cruzadera: negative interferences according to the concept of traditional medicine".

Beyond Psychedelics
Beyond Psychedelics will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 June, 2018. The forum will be a space to: discuss the potential of psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness and technologies for individuals and societies; review their risks and create guidelines for beneficial safe use and harm reduction; explore the potential of collaborations between a variety of experts.
The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for global cooperation among people with a professional interest in psychedelics, facilitate the exchange of both scientific knowledge and real practical experience and creating new synergies.

Besides exploring potential benefits, this year’s aim is to focus more on their harmful potential and incorporate cross-cultural perspectives to establish guidelines for safe use, harm-reduction and prevention strategies when working with psychedelics and alternative states of consciousness.

The “cruzadera”: negative interferences according to the concept of traditional medicine.
Fabienne Bâcle is a psychotherapist and trained in the management of plants according to traditional Amazonian medicine. She has been working at the Takiwasi Center since 2003, accompanying resident patients in drug use and people from all the countries that participate in the different therapeutic spaces.

Abstract of the lecture
The management of therapeutic use of the plants in traditional Amazonian medicine requires strict rules and precautions. The respect of these rules during and after the ritual, (be purges, diets, and ayahuasca), conditions the result of the process. These rules are of food and sexual order. Their transgression leads to disturbances/perturbations at the physical, psychological, energetic / spiritual level, from the lightest to the most severe. In the Amazonian healer tradition, these perturbations are called: “cruzaderas” We will analyze this topic, starting by pointing out the ritual’s importance and the reasons behind the rules, using clinical examples.

More information on the congress: Beyond Psychedelics.