Research Department - Takiwasi Center

The Takiwasi Center has just renewed its Scientific Research Department, which is focused primarily on the two main work areas of the Center: the Clinical Area and the Medicinal Plants Area in collaboration with the Research & Development Unit of Takiwasi’ s Natural Products Laboratory.

The clinical protocol of Takiwasi is based on the combination of psychotherapeutic techniques with tools derived from Traditional Amazonian Medicine, including the ritual use of medicinal plants. The Natural Products Laboratory develops with commercial purpose herbal medicines based on local ancestral knowledge. Both activities have been developed over time, allocating little resources to the scientific dissemination of the results, despite the high value of the same and the great interest on our work on the part of international researchers.

The renewed Scientific Research Department aims to strengthen research on the subject of traditional and herbal medicine, and its main objectives are: the publication of papers in indexed journals, the participation in scientific congresses and the application to research grant opportunities. These ambitious goals entail investments to be able to bring together specialized personnel in various fields including anthropology, botany, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, and provide them with the necessary resources to implement the various research topics.

The Scientific Research Department is now under the responsibility of PhD Matteo Politi, Italian Ethnopharmacologist. We are available to evaluate all forms of collaboration, such as welcoming students or researchers, participating in congresses and collaborating for publications, that point at traditional medicines in the broadest sense of the word, states of consciousness, health resources, while at the same time encompassing very different disciplines (botany, clinic, chemistry, anthropology, archeology, psychology, musicology, etc.).

In this context, any suggestion, advice, contact for publication, funding sources for research projects, are welcome.
To get in touch directly with Matteo Politi you can write at:
For more information about the research in Takiwasi and the ongoing projects you can have a look at the section Research in our web page.

A short video presentation of the Research Department