Our Projects

Throughout over 25 years of history we have had the opportunity to develop different projects thanks to the valuable contribution of numerous international cooperation agencies.

Projects implemented thanks to the contribution of the international cooperation:
Year Title of the Project Funding Source Status
2019 Identifying specific vulnerabilities that increase risk factors of drug use and performing prevention activities among high-school students of Tarapoto, Peruvian Amazon UNODC In progress
2019 Support for the education of Awajún and Wampis indigenous youth of the Center CIANAH (Yutupis) Fondation Vermont In progress
2019 Takiwasi, school of life. Rehabilitation, training and social and professional reintegration of low-income drug addicts Fondation Vermont In progress
2018-2021 Enhancing the Regional Ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with an Agro Biodiversity approach by strengthening capacities and linking strategic actors in the San Martin region Innovate Peru
NOTE: This project is implemented by PEHCBM, Takiwasi participates as partner.
In progress
2018-2019 Generation of added value in aromatic plants with medicinal or cosmetic properties as a strategy for the conservation and inclusive development of the Awajún native community of Shampuyacu Conservation International - CI In progress
2016-2018 Protocols to optimize the microbiological quality and other complementary attributes of the Manchinga Nutritional Powder, Brosimum alicastrum bolivarense, for the functional food market, under the BioTrade principles in San Martín Programa Innóvate Perú – PIMEN 12
NOTE: This project is implemented by the Agrarian Cooperative Mushuk Runa Ltda
2015-2018 VOICE Program - Volunteers for International Cooperation and Empowerment Cuso International, Government of Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) Finished
2015-2016 Generation of added value: a strategy for conservation and inclusive development in the Peruvian Amazon Conservation International Foundation - CI, USAID Finished
2015 Development of protocols for the control and improvement of the quality of native honeys from three species of stingless bees, within the framework of a system of technified meliponiculture in San Martín Programa Innóvate Perú – PIMEN 10
NOTE: This project is implemented by the Agrarian Cooperative Mushuk Runa Ltda.
2015 Support to complete the construction of the Amazon Orphanage for Awajun and Wampis indigenous children of the community of Yutupis (Rio Santiago - Amazonas - Peru) Ville de Lancy, Terre de Vie, Source de Vie, Private donors Finished
2014-2016 Takiwasi Center: Global Consolidation Plan Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI Finished
2014-2015 Generation of added value of Amazonian medicinal and aromatic plants in native communities of the region San Martin Proyecto Biocomercio Andino Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism UNEP-GEF-CAF Finished
2014 Sustainable management and traditional transformation of Manchinga: eco business for the conservation of the Dry Forest and food security of the Quechua natives of San Pablo PAES – PRONANP
NOTE: This project is implemented by the Agrarian Cooperative Mushuk Runa Ltda.
2013 Experiences in the management of medicinal plants and economic support for indigenous Colombian healers Doctors of the World France Finished
2013 Training of a traditional indigenous therapist Pur Projet – France Finished
2012-2013 Recovery of knowledge in medicinal plants, systematization and promotion of good practices in family gardens in Awajun and Quechua-Lamista communities of the Amazon in San Martín, Peru Programa BioCAN Andean Community of Nations Government of Finland Finished
2012-2013 Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts King Baudouin Foundation - Belgium Finished
2012 Houses of the heart Private donations In progress
2011-2012 Treatment of Indigent Drug Addicts Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI Finished
2011-2013 Promotion of the competitive development of the value chain of Amazonian medicinal and cosmetic plants under the focus of environmental sustainability, inclusion and social responsibility in the region of San Martín Proyecto PeruBiodiverso GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) SECO (Swiss Agency for International Cooperation) Finished
2011 Training course in "Health, Ethnicity and Culture" for Training of Trainers AIDESEP, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Finished
2009 International Congress "Traditional Medicines, Interculturality and Mental Health" Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI, Runa Wasi, ASHOKA, CEMI Finished
2008 Treatment of Drug Addicts of Scarce Economic Resources in the San Martin Region Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI Finished
2007-2008 Logistics and Technical Skills Development Catholic delegation for cooperation – France Finished
2007 Improvement of the Infrastructure of the Therapeutic Community Takiwasi Center Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI Finished
2006-2008 Determination of methods for the Quality Control and Preservation of Dragon's Blood (Croton sp.) latex and Copaiba (Copaifera sp.) oleoresin Programa INCAGRO Ministry of Agriculture of Peru Finished
2005 Treatment of Drug Addicts of Scarce Economic Resources Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI Finished
2004-2006 Production of Amazonian plants with cosmetic and / or medicinal properties and their by-products in the Cordillera Escalera (San Martín) area for internal consumption and export purposes Programa INCAGRO Ministry of Agriculture of Peru Finished
1997 Participation of a Takiwasi representative to ECLAD 97, First Meeting of Latin American Cities against Drugs, Sao Paulo, Brazil Regional Office of French Technical Cooperation Finished
1996 Publication of the book “Medicina Tradicional Amazónica en el tratamiento del abuso de drogas”, [Traditional Amazonian Medicine in the treatment of drug abuse] by Rosa A. Giove Nakazawa CEDRO (Information and Education Center for Drug Abuse Prevention), Commission of the European Communities, NGO Edex Kolektiboa Basque Government Finished
1995-1997 The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme United Nations Finished
1995-1996 Social innovation in the treatment of drug addicts Ashoka Foundation Finished
1992-1995 Pilot center specialized in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and research on traditional medicines Commission of the European Communities Finished
1990-1996 Research and Fight against Drug Addiction, Peru General Directorate of Cultural, Scientific and Technical Affairs DGLDT- Technical Cooperation for the Andean Countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France Finished
1990-1994 Empirical induction of modified states of consciousness in the traditional therapeutic context of the Peruvian Amazon General Directorate for the Fight Against Addiction and Dependence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France Finished