Project for the protection and preservation of Ayahuasca and teacher plants

Apadrina Ayahuasca

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Join our mission! We are planting and protecting Ayahuasca vines and other Amazonian teacher plants in our Botanical Reserve.

The great demand for Ayahuasca worldwide has put this sacred medicine in danger. Opposite to the threat of over exploitation that Ayahuasca vines experience today in various regions of the Peruvian Amazon, at Takiwasi we have been planting Ayahuasca and other master plants for more than 25 years in our Botanical Reserve, a protected area of 54 hectares located inside the Cordillera Escalera conservation area, on the outskirts of the city of Tarapoto.

Among the teacher plants that we plant and take care of, there are also Ushpawasha Sanango, Chiric Sanango, Chacruna, Ajo Sacha, Mucura, Uchu Sanango, Bobinzana and Coca.

Our desire to protect and preserve Ayahuasca is also expressed through the advocacy work we carry out. We have been the main promoters of the recognition of Ayahuasca as "Cultural Heritage of the Peruvian Nation" in 2008, thanks to the report written by Dr. Rosa Giove.

Support us and our conservation actions by adopting an Ayahuasca vine or another teacher plant

Through this campaign we now want to offer the possibility of contributing to the planting and care of these teacher plants by sponsoring and “adopting” one of them with a contribution starting from $ 100 dollars.

For each Ayahuasca you decide to sponsor, we will send you a personalized certificate accompanied by an exclusive photo of the plant./p>


Make a difference by participating in this campaign to protect the teacher plants used in traditional Amazon medicine!

If you wish to support this project, you can do so with a donation through one of the different methods that you find in the left column of this page. Thank you very much for your support!

For more information on how to donate, please contact us:

Centro Takiwasi – Prolongación Alerta 466, Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru

Phone number: +51 942023915