Ikaros Takiwasi grabados en vivo

Autor: Various authors

In the jungle of Peru we call "ikaro" the song or melody used by healers during ritual work. The ikaros are essential elements of the Traditional Amazonian Medicine. This concept led us to call our center Takiwasi that in Quechua means "the house that sings" or "the house of song". This is a collection of ikaros recorded live during a session of Ayahuasca.

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Through this platform you can have access to a previous listening of each of the ikaros contained in this album:

1-Soplada de inicio de sesión – Jacques Mabit
2-Ábrete Corazón – Rosa Giove
3-El Señor de los Milagros – Jacques Mabit
4-Ushpa Washa – Rosa Giove
5-A la coca – Rosa Giove
6-Alabanza a las plantas – Luis Culquitón
7-Les Tréfonds – Jacques Mabit
8-Oración al Santisimo Padre – Luis Culquitón
9-Soplada de cierre de sesión

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