Canta la Ayahuasca

Autor: Various authors

Healing Ikaros recorded live.

New production of ikaros based on the live recording of these healing songs during an ayahuasca ceremony held at the Takiwasi Center in 2020. The particularity of these ikaros is that they are alternative versions, sometimes sung in groups by two or more healers, while other ikaros are presented in extended versions, which follow the rhythm and intensity of the ceremony. It includes an unreleased ikaro sung by José Vela during ritual plant baths.

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Album content

Through this platform you can have access to a previous listening of each of the ikaros contained in this album:

1-Madre Ayahuasca - Jacques Mabit
2-Ikaro de los Santos - Jacques Mabit
3-Ikaro del Otorongo - Jacques Mabit
4-Sachamanda Nuña Kayamuiki (Yo te llamo desde la selva) - Edgardo Tuanama – Extended Version
5-Ikaro canto a Pintuyacu - Edgardo Tuanama – Extended Version
6-Ikaro de la Materia - Jacques Mabit
7-Ikaro de las Plantas - Edgardo Tuanama – Extended Version
8-Ikaro del Tabaco - Jacques Mabit (grupal)
9-Ikaro de la U - Jacques Mabit
10-Warmi Ikaro - Rosa Giove
11-Danos Señor - Jacques Mabit (grupal)
12-Oh Señor Dios Eterno y Bondadoso- Jacques Mabit & Fabienne Bâcle
13-Patuy Patuy - Jacques Mabit (grupal)
14-Bonus Track – Lluviecita – José Vela

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