Ikaros Fabienne Bâcle

Autor: Fabienne Bâcle

Fabienne Bâcle, french psychotherapist, graduated in specialized education and psychotherapy. Since 2003 she works at the Takiwasi Center, accompanying resident patients and personal evolution seminars. During this time she has been specializing in the management of traditional Amazonian medicine.

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1-Tai Tai Timbira (Rosa Giove)
2-Santa Cruz (Sacha Domenech)
3-Ikaro del tabaco (Mario Banega)
4-Qué lindo sale la luna (Juan Flores)
5-Abrete corazón (Rosa Giove)
6-Les tréfonds (Jacques Mabit)
7-Confía en ti (Philippine Leroy Beaulieu)
8-Angelitos (Sacha Domenech)
9-Oh Poderoso Señor! (Sacha Domenech)
10-Danza verde (Sacha Domenech)
11-Ayaruna (Juan Flores)
12-Danos Señor (Sacha Domenech)
13-Espíritu que viene desde lejos (Sacha Domenech)
14-Oh Señor Dios! (Sacha Domenech)

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