Ikaros 25 años - Ed. limitada

Autor: Various authors

A special edition created to celebrate the 25 years of the Takiwasi Center by bringing together some of the best ikaros of each Takiwasi healer. In the jungle of Peru we call "ikaro" the song or melody used by healers during ritual work. The ikaros are essential elements of the Traditional Amazonian Medicine.

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Through this platform you can have access to a previous listening of each of the ikaros contained in this album:

1-Vuela vuela Suy Suy - Jacques Mabit
2-Paparuy - Jaime Torres
3-Abrete Corazon - Rosa Giove
4-Ikaro del Tabaco - Fabienne Bâcle
5-Ayahuasca Curandera - Edgardo Tuanama
6-El Señor de los Milagros - Jacques Mabit
7-Ikaro del Otorongo - Jacques Mabit
8-Aguaruna - Jaime Torres
9-Vuela, vuela aguilita - Edgardo Tuanama
10-Ikaro Puyu Ukumbyna Shamun Jasuska - Edgardo Tuanama
11-Uchusanango - Rosa Giove
12-Tai Tai Timbira - Fabienne Bâcle
13-Les Tréfonds - Jacques Mabit
14-Madre Ayahuasca - Rosa Giove
15-Canoita - Jaime Torres
16-Oh Poderoso Señor - Fabienne Bâcle
17-Bonus Track: Ikaro Para Llamar La Mareación - Jaime Torres

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