Ikaros Rosa Giove

Autor: Rosa Giove

Rosa Giove, surgeon, co-founder and responsible for the biomedical monitoring at the Takiwasi Center and author of some of the most famous and recognized ikaros of the Peruvian Amazon. She is also the author several publications, including the report that lead to the declaration of the Ayahuasca as Cultural Heritage of the Peruvian Nation.

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Through this platform you can have access to a previous listening of each of the ikaros contained in this album:

1-Ikaro de la S
2-Madre Ayahuasca
3-Ikaro de la M
4-Ikaro de la U
5-Ikaro de la A
6-Ikaro de la O
7-Ikaro de la E
8-Tai Tai Timbira
9-A la Coca
11-Espíritu del mundo
13-Ikaro de la Virgen
14-Ikaro de los Santos (Señor de los Milagros)

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