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Volunteering in TAKIWASI

The Takiwasi Center, is NOT ACCEPTING volunteers at the moment.

If you are looking for a volunteering experience, we recommend you to check out the following links of NGOs that have their activities in Peru and receive volunteers:


Visit hundreds of impactful do-good organizations in 50+ countries
NGO specialized in volunteer work in Peru with an archive of non-profit associations hosting volunteers.

Contact: Jaime Ulloa -
NGO Urku (Tarapoto), sustainable development and protection of the environment

Contact: Ing. Daniel Vecco -
Asociación para la Niñez y su Ambiente (ANIA)

Contact: Joaquin Leguia -
Asociación Ciudad de Los Niños de la Inmaculada (ACNI)

Contact: P.Omar Sánchez -

Acción Sin Fronteras

Red global latino-americana de voluntarios para un mundo mejor

consultas generales: (54-11) 5217-7689/90 | int. 111

Comunidad Sagrada Familia

Contact: Miguel Rodríguez

Tél.: 997210228 / 5500372