Política de Privacidad

Su privacidad es importante para TAKIWASI, por lo que hemos desarrollado una Política de Privacidad que cubre la forma en la que reunimos, utilizamos, transferimos y almacenamos su información. Tómese un minuto para familiarizarse con nuestras prácticas de privacidad.

Recolección y Utilización de Información Personal

La información personal está constituida por datos que pueden ser utilizados exclusivamente para identificar o contactar a una sola persona.

Se le puede solicitar información personal en cualquier momento cuando usted se contacte con el centro Takiwasi.

A continuación incluimos algunos ejemplos de información personal que el centro Takiwasi puede recolectar y cómo podemos utilizarla.

Qué información personal recolectamos

Cómo utilizamos su información personal

Recolección y Uso de Información General No Personal

También recolectamos información general no personal, la cual se compone por datos que no permiten asociación directa con ninguna persona. Podemos recolectar, utilizar, transferir, y revelar información general para cualquier fin interno de nuestro centro. A continuación incluimos algunos ejemplos de información general que hemos recolectado y cómo podemos utilizarla:

Protección de la Información Personal

TAKIWASI toma las precauciones -ya sean administrativas, técnicas o físicas – para resguardar su información personal de pérdidas, robos, o usos indebidos así como del acceso, la divulgación, modificación o destrucción no autorizados.

Integridad y Conservación de Información Personal

TAKIWASI le facilita la conservación de información personal de una forma precisa, completa y actualizada. La información personal se conservará por el período que sea necesario para cumplir con los fines establecidos en la presente Política de Privacidad, excepto que por ley se requiera o autorice un período de conservación superior.

El Compromiso de TAKIWASI con su Privacidad

Para asegurarnos de que su información personal está bien resguardada, damos a conocer estas directrices a todos los empleados de TAKIWASI e imponemos estrictas medidas de seguridad dentro de nuestra organización.

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Our therapeutic team

Fotografía del doctor Jacques Mabit, presidente fundador del centro Takiwasi

Dr. Jacques Mabit

Founding President of the TAKIWASI Center

Medical Doctor
University of Medicine and Medical Techniques, Nantes (France),
Diploma in Tropical Pathology (IMT-Anvers) and Naturopathy (Uni Paris XIII)

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After a first experience in Africa on health projects with the Belgian Technical Cooperation and with the “Brothers of Men” association, he arrives to Peru in 1980 to lead the Lampa Hospital (Puno) as head of mission of "Doctors without Borders". This experience will awake his interest in Peruvian traditional medicine systems and practices, which efficacy is verified by him clinically every day. He decides to study these ancestral resources in primal health since 1986, as an associated researcher of the French Institute of Andean Studies (IFEA). Then he went through many years of traditional medical learning in different regions of the Peruvian Amazon. In 1992, he founded the TAKIWASI Center where intercultural medicine is practiced, nurtured by native traditional and modern knowledge. Between 1996 and 2001 he served at the National Institute of Traditional Medicine of Peru as Director of the San Martin region. Because of his research he has been entitled as an honorary member of the Association of Psychologists of Peru, and as an Extraordinary Professor at the Southern Scientific University (Lima). He participates in the board of the Transcultural Psychiatry Department of the Peruvian Psychiatric Association and was elected a Fellow of Ashoka Foundation in recognition of his encouraging work as a "social entrepreneur".

LP Jaime Torres Romero

Executive Director of the TAKIWASI Center

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of San Martín de Porres (Lima).
Post-graduate Studies in Management and Direction of Drug Rehabilitation Centers (Daytop International), and in Drug Dependency (Inca Garcilazo de la Vega University).

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Spends his time between the administration of the Takiwasi Center, the psychotherapeutic care of its residents, and teaching at the Cesar Vallejo University (Tarapoto), where he dictates the subject Drug Dependency. He represents Takiwasi in the Latin American Federation of Therapeutic Communities. Also regularly performs lectures at universities and at national and international events, about Amazonian traditional medicine and drug addiction treatment.

Dr. Rosa Giove Nakazawa

Responsible for the Biomedical Monitoring of the patients of the TAKIWASI Center

Medical Doctor - University Cayetano Heredia (Lima).
Post-graduate studies in Epidemiology (Ricardo Palma University), in Health Services Management (Ricardo Palma University) and Natural and Alternative Medicine (Fide Institute)

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She is actually finishing a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Tarapoto). And stands out for her important activities and contributions in the socio-medical sphere: former coordinator in the Regional Health Forum of San Martin on the working group "Traditional Medicine and Interculturalism", and in the National Health Forum on the table of "Traditional Medicine"; Dean of the Medical College of the San Martin Region; Directs a Private Medical Centre, "Holy Family", in the city of Tarapoto; Defends the importance and urgency to preserve and integrate traditional medicine into the formal health system with a focus on intercultural respect; Author of numerous publications, including the report on which the Ayahuasca has been declared National Cultural Heritage by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

LP Jesús González Mariscal

Psychologist coordinator

Degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid. MA in Anthropology from the University of the Americas Puebla, Mexico, with funding from the "UCM international agreements" program.

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Ph.D. in Sociology at the Autonomous University of Puebla, with grants from the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico. Searcher in native traditional medicine and its applications in the field of psychotherapy. Member of the "healing process of divination-repairs-atonement in the context of shamanism of indigenous peoples" (CONACYT 2009-2012) led by Dr. Antonella Fagetti.

Fabienne Bâcle


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LP David Alejandro Londono V.

Psychologist in the therapeutic team

Graduate of the University of British Savannah. He is also bioénergéticien (Berkana Institute, Bogotá, Colombia) and Qi Gong instructor (KF Men Kai Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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Since 2003, he worked as a clinical psychologist in private and public institutions,for family and group therapy.

He places himself in perspective of global integration and focuses on person-centered approach and the Jungian approach. He multiplie experiences in various rehabilitation centers for addictive in Colombia, Argentina and Peru. He works with mistresses plants and its relationship with psychotherapy for 10 years.

He joined the team in 2013 Takiwasi.

LP Veronika Kavenská

Psychologist in the therapeutic team

Degree in psychology from the University of Palacky, Olomouc, Tchékie, Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

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Veronika Kavenská is also Jungian therapist (CSAP partnership, Czech Republic, recognized by AIPA). She includes these approaches in clinical practice. Researcher in the field of traditional medicine in Peru and its possible applications in psychotherapy, she wrote a book and several articles on the subject.

She currently works as a psychologist in Takiwasi

Elbis García Torres

Ergo therapist

Nurse Technician and Empirical Ethno botanist. He has been working as an ergo therapist in the Takiwasi Center for seven years.

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His role is very important to the Center since, in addition to escorting patients in their daily work, he is also in charge of preparing the purge and diet plants used during the treatment.

LP Guadalupe Arana Saavedra

Bio-dance Workshop Animator

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of San Martín de Porres (Lima). Her interest in child and adolescent psychology, and in working with children, led her to work as a teacher and tutor.

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In the Takiwasi Center she conducts bio-dance workshops with music from all over the world. This mind/body technique collaborates with relaxation, “feeling” with the body, and the therapeutic emergence of repressed emotions.

Padre Christian Alejandría

Catholic Priest

Diocesan Priest from the Jaén seminar. He is linked to the diocese of Moyobamba. Also chaplain of the armed forces in the region of San Martin.

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Has a long trajectory as a social ministry in difficult contexts such as the terrorist period. By order of his bishop, he assumes a pastoral role of spiritual guidance to staff and patients of the Takiwasi Center. Participates actively in the psychotherapeutic evolution processes through plant sessions, and offers workshops to promote values. Takiwasi is a non-denominational NGO that however considers essential to extend the overcoming of psycho-emotional problems through the introduction to a spiritual dimension. As the mayor religious context of Peru is Christian, he assumes a liturgical service in the chapel of Takiwasi and spiritual Christian direction for individuals and patients who request it freely.